The main look blouson for the 21AW season.

I used it a lot in collection looks.

A blouson that expands design possibilities by mixing different fabric elements in one piece of fabric. The medium-weight polyester taffeta is woven by changing it into an organza so that it gradually disappears, and the quilted runner of the lining is highlighted like a mirage.

The lining is removable and can be worn 2 ways.

If you wear it without the liner, the inner layer will be transparent and it will be like a fantasy dream world like the theme of the season.

We recommend coordinating with a patterned inner layer.

Blouson expanded the possibilities of design by allowing a mixture of different fabrics
elements in one piece of fabric and it is often used as a look in the collection. the weave with a mid-weight polyester taffeta, switching to organdy that gradually makes it disappear, this is designed to make the quilted liner seem like it is rising out like a mirage.

The liner can be detached and the garment can be worn in two ways.

If the liner is detached, it will be translucent and show your innerwear, just like this
season's theme of being inside a magical dream world.

We recommend coordinating this with patterned inner-wear.

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